We Are United in Our Dedication to make a change

Who We Are

The Foundation aims to contribute/partner with organizations and institutions already working in the fields of Education and Health. Eleos scope of work is flexible, in that it can service other sectors and beneficiaries.


Eleos goals include

  • Contribute to provide Honduran children with basic living needs and the opportunity to access education programs and health services
  • Assist senior citizens centers and programs in providing proper and dignified living conditions to its residents, including providing health services and basic living needs
  • Any other as needed

— Our Mission

Our mission is to improve Honduran children and senior citizens’ livelihood by providing health and education services currently not offered to them.

— Our Vision

Our ultimate goals are to help Honduran families improve their living conditions and escape poverty.

— Key Values

  • Integrity – honest, transparent and ethical – in all that we do;
  • Stewardship of the resources received; and
  • Embracing communities by working closely with existing organizations.

Eleo's Board Members:

Maria works in the World Bank and lives in Washington DC. MBA, Chemical Engineer. Certified by top US Universities on Project Management and NGO Management.

Maria has conducted drives to help senior citizens. Among these drives, she collected canes, crushes and walkers in the USA, and sent them to Honduras. She then, personally distributed these to the Asilo de Ansianos San Felipe. In addition to the walking devices, and as a result of her visit when delivering these, she also supplied food to this organization. She has also helped the Fundación Hondureña del Niño con Cancer, by promoting their events and contributing (buying tickets for raffles for example) with funds for these events. In addition, Maria was one of the organizers for a fundraiser for the Foundation for Education in Honduras that took place in DC and that collected over $30,000.

Most recently, she has organized fundraiser to help the following Honduran organizations: Club Charter 100; Hogares CREA; Fundación Hondurena del Nino con Cancer; Casa David; Angeles Solidarios; Hospital Maria, Caritas Honduras. Also, donations were given to local communities near La Ceiba (northern city in the Atlantic coast of Honduras) directly by Fundacion Eleo’s Vice-President and Secretary.

Real Estate and Tourism Entrepreneur. Owns and operates Palma Real Resort in La Ceiba, Honduras. Masters in Hotel Management, Business Administration, Entrepreneur.

Dayanara helps her community in providing supplies to schools, funding recreational sports activities for children, funding walks and 5K runs for fundraising, among others.  Dayanara is also actively donating bedding supplies and distribute food to senior homes in La Ceiba. She also contributes with funds to La Fundación Hondureña del Niño con Cancer.

As Eleo’s Vice-President, Dayanara plays an active role in fundraisers and in personally deliver donations to institutions and communities near La Ceiba.

Independent lawyer. Kristian lives in La Ceiba, Honduras.

Kristian has an active role in fundraising activities in benefit of children, including helping the public hospital children’s’ ward. Also, as Eleo’s Secretary, she has reached out to local churches and groups in support to children by donating clothes, shoes and toys.

Is an independent life coach in Tegucigalpa, Honduras. MBA, Doctor in Chemistry and Pharmacy, Microfinance Specialist.

Lucy has helped different charities by donating to their fundraising activities. She also helps Patricia Arias, one of the pre-identified beneficiaries of Eleos. Patricia helps newborn babies born in the capital’s public hospital by providing blankets, and when possible clothing. These children are wrapped in newspapers when blankets and clothing are not available.